Donuts Flowchart

 The following flowchart shows the process diagram of producing cake doughnuts, yeast-raised doughnuts and frozen doughnuts.

Frozen doughnuts go through the same processes as yeast-raised doughnuts, up to the frying stage. From there, the donuts are packed and frozen, for delivery to stores, cafes, caterers, clubs and institutions.

Frozen doughnuts offer the convenience of a supply of cooked donuts that only needed to be thawed (using the Thermolizer) and heated and glazed (using the Thermoglaze system).

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Doughnut Premix Suppliers

Most bakeries now use a prepared mix, for consistency, to reduce the number of ingredients the bakery must stock, and eliminate preblending and multiple scaling steps. It should be noted that, if necessary, the mix supplier will usually work with the baker to modify a mix to fit a particular requirement.

The following list lists some of Australia/NZ suppliers ( prepared doughnut mixes, bases and some also supply frozen doughnut products) and their website link.

Allied Mills

Champion Flour (New Zealand)

Gazelle Foods

Goodman Fielder

Kerry Pinnacle

Laucke Flour Mills

Millers Foods

Allied Mills yeast-raised donut mix in 25 kg bag

"Easter" donuts made with Kerry Pinnacle's frozen blank donut balls