Sticky Food Company: Delivering on its promise on quality & authenticity

Richard Harris (right), owner of Sticky Food Company with one of his bakery staff

The smell of freshly-baked cakes fills the air in this quiet neighborhood where Sticky Food Company’s bakery is located. With muffins, cakes, tarts, brownies and pies being prepared and baked round the clock, it comes as no surprise.

At the helm of Sticky Food Company is Richard Harris who bought the company in Dec 2000. Harris came from a family of bakers and has worked for George Weston Foods; this background provided him the foundation for good quality baking and a strong business mindset.

Harris makes sure all his products meet his criteria for authenticity, with that he means “not compromising on targets”.

lemon tart

“A lemon tart should taste like a lemon tart”, Harris explained. “Authenticity is meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.”

“And we focus on quality and consistency, and delivering on our promise, whether it’s a small customer or big customer. That’s how we’ve grown.”

cappuccino slice

True enough, Sticky Food Company has established itself as a reliable supplier of breads, muffins, cakes, slices, tarts, mini cheesecakes, and Florentines; always delivered fresh, these scrumptious treats can be found in many premium cafes in Sydney. Such is the quality of their baked products, Sticky Food Company also supplies to catering and food service industries, and to supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths and Franklins.

Sticky Food Company has sourced many of their major equipment, including three Polin Rack Ovens and a Unifiller Depositor from RVO Enterprises.

“We were attracted to RVO for the following reasons: first, is the relationship we have had with them over the years, but most importantly, their equipment, service, and back-up are very good and reliable.”

The bakery’s Polin Rack Ovens

Harris cannot stress enough the importance of reliability and performance of their bakery equipment. With the Polin Rack Ovens for example, foremost are its flexibility to handle different products such as muffins, cakes, and pies and its ability to turn out rack after rack of consistently high-quality baked goods. 

The Unifiller Depositor deposits batter with precision

The Unifiller Depositor, on the other hand, is valued for its precision to deposit the exact amount of batter into baking pans or cups, thus making production faster and more efficient.

The bakery runs 24 hours a day, with 2 shifts each day, thus equipment are in use for very long periods. Nevertheless, when service and maintenance are required, RVO is quick to respond.

“Our bakery would run as scheduled, with minimum disruption because of the whole support from RVO. Because it gets done quickly, then we don’t let our customers down.”


In a business environment with strict quality controls, high consumer expectations and relentless pressure from competition, it is no wonder that Sticky Food Company puts a high value on its relationship with its suppliers, including RVO Enterprises. Harris said, “It’s this network, between bakers and suppliers, that makes this industry grow. We support each other”.

Mini muffins

“Furthermore, RVO can offer a complete package, they don’t give you any headaches. Other suppliers will provide you the oven, for example, and then say, ‘Now you have to get the electrician, you have to get the plumber, you have to do this’, and all that stuff. Ours is a complete package.”

RVO Enterprises does not only provide equipment but can also deliver turnkey bakery solutions to their customers.

According to RVO Enterprises Managing Director Wilhelm Harnacke, “We help companies realize their business ideas. We work closely together with our customers to assess their needs, conduct trials, analyse results, collaborate on design, and when required, customise equipment to specifications. We don’t just supply equipment, we have the expertise to manage the project from building works, electrical requirements, installation through to training and maintenance”.

Contact Details:

Sticky Food Company

Phone: +61 2 9736 2588

Fax: +61 2 9743 2161

Postal address: PO Box 193



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