Case Studies

The following case studies document the impact of RVO solutions (equipment, consultancy) on our clients’ businesses. It gives a complete picture that a successful business is also a product of a drive for excellence, a willingness to work hard, and partnership with people and companies that share the same vision.

Here are some of their statements:

 “…I feel comfortable working with RVO and Wilhelm (Harnacke, RVO Managing Director); I think we share the same sort of culture and work ethic: honesty, excellent service and fair price.

I am very happy to work with RVO. RVO have a very good reputation in the industry, and has always been very good with back-up support and service.”

 – Bass Wakim, Heather Brae Shortbreads, Thomastown VIC

Read the case study of  Heather Brae Shortbreads (in focus: Polin Tunnel Oven)

“We were attracted to RVO for the following reasons: first, is the relationship we have had with them over the years, but most importantly, their equipment, service, and back-up are very good and reliable.

Furthermore, RVO can offer a complete package, they don’t give you any headaches. Other suppliers will provide you the oven, for example, and then say, ‘Now you have to get the electrician, you have to get the plumber, you have to do this’, and all that stuff. Ours is a complete package.”

– Richard Harris, Sticky Food Company, Mortlake NSW

Read the case study of  Sticky Food Company (in focus: Polin Rack Oven, Unifiller Depositor)

“I found RVO technicians very efficient. Chris (RVO Service Technician), particularly, is very mindful of the fact that this is my business. He knows that if the machine is not working it affects my business, and quickly gets it done. I really appreciate this type of service.”

– Alexander Thomas, Puffies Donuts, Roselands NSW

Read the case study of Puffies Donuts (in focus: Belshaw Donut Robot)