RVO sponsors Australian Team to Asian Pastry Cup 2010

19 April 2010  

Australian Pastry Team 2010

from left: Dean Gibson, Adriano Zumbo, Jian Yao. Image courtesy of Continental Patisserie

RVO Enterprises proudly sponsors the Australian Team to the Asian Pastry Cup 2010 in Singapore this April.

‘Team Pastry Australia’ is made up of Adriano Zumbo, creator of the remarkable croquembouche on Channel 10’s Masterchef last year, and Dean Gibson, pastry chef and teacher at Hamilton TAFE. Jian Yao, owner of Continental Patisserie at Strathfield, is the team coach and manager.

The Asian Pastry Cup is the qualifying competition where the emerging top 4 teams will represent Asia Pacific in the World Pastry Cup 2011 in Lyon, France.

Training and preparation

With less than 4 months of preparation, team manager Yao said that commitment and dedication have been very crucial.

“The general level of Australian craftsmanship and skills is high. But we needed to do intensive training in such a short period. We have to be ready to face strong competition from China, Taiwan and Singapore,” Jian Yao said.

Just before heading off for Singapore, the team did a ‘full production run’ following the same time frame as the competition.

In an 8-hour period, the team created their competition masterpieces: 1 chocolate showpiece, 1 sugar showpiece, 2 chocolate cakes and 18 identical plated desserts.

Watching Gibson and Zumbo at work on their showpieces, their passion for pastry art is undeniable.

Putting together the masterpieces

Concentrating on the task, Gibson carefully put together the chocolate masterpiece, which slowly transformed into an egret, a water bird, ready to take off, surrounded by an arrangement of plants and water features, all made with dark chocolate.

Zumbo have been equally hard at work with the sugar masterpiece, stretching and forming these into fluid shapes, elegant flowers, animal forms and patterns with colours inspired by the Australian wetlands.

Besides the visual artistry of the pieces, the ingredients and flavours the team used were another sensory treat. Like the adventurous take on the Australian team’s chocolate cake – the richness of chocolate combined with a hint of lime, pine nuts and aniseed. The plated dessert is also a fusion of flavours with lime marshmallows, strawberry jelly, pistachio sauce and ginger ice cream.

This creative presentation, along, with the bold combination of sweet / savoury flavours is aimed at getting the international judging panel’s attention.

Working together

When asked about working with Dean Gibson, who was his former mentor, Adriano Zumbo replied, “It was a pleasure to work with Dean. I am feeling confident to face the challenges of the Asian Pastry Cup.” Their teamwork is evident as they work closely together, helping in setting up each other’s masterpieces and sharing in the task of plating the desserts.

“Our objective is to be one of the top teams to qualify for the World Pastry Cup in France. We aim to get as much marks on all on our masterpieces, the cakes and the desserts,” Gibson added. Teams will be judged on professional skills and ability to provide practical demonstration of trends and pastry art skills to an audience.

By joining this competition, the team aims to uplift the profile of the Australian pastry industry on an international level. Sharing the same vision, RVO Enterprises has given their full support to the Australian team.


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