RVO receives BESA Best Stand Award at FSA Expo 2010

1 July 2010  

RVO Enterprises Managing Director Wilhelm Harnacke receiving the BESA Best Stand Award from Mr Paul McDonald, General Manager of National Baking Industry of Australia

The Bakery Equipment Suppliers Association (BESA) awarded RVO Enterprises the BESA Best Stand Award for the design and overall marketing impact of its exhibition stand at FoodService Australia Expo (FSA) 2010.

The exhibition was held on June 21-23 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour, where about 120 companies supplying foodservice and bakery equipment showcased their products and services.

Mr Paul McDonald, General Manager of National Baking Industry of Australia (NBIA), announced RVO Enterprises as the winner of the BESA Best Stand Award and presented it to Wilhelm Harnacke, RVO Managing Director.

“As the peak employer association within Australia’s Baking Industry, NBIA (through our official journal Australasian Baker), is proud to be able to support BESA through its ‘Best Stand Award’ as we encourage excellence and innovation through all facets of the industry – machinery suppliers and their marketing endeavours included,” Mr McDonald stated.

BESA is an association of major importers, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers of bakery equipment in Australia.

BESA members who joined the exhibition cast votes to select the winning stand.

Layout and Design

From left to right: Ryan Lantieri (Supplier Principal, FoodTools Inc), and from RVO Enterprises: Urbano Mattiolo (Snr Technician), Darren Murphy (Sales), Wilhelm Harnacke (Managing Director), Kelly Brown (PA/Marketing), and Bob O’Mara (Director)

RVO’s stand featured graphics that made strong visual impact even from a distance. Two 4x 4 meter banners hang from the ceiling. At the centre of the stand is a 3 x 3 meter cube structure; the top of its walls were cut into angles, with the highest point reaching 5 meters.

Although this structure was custom-built for the company’s signage, its function extends beyond that of a graphic element.

It provided the backdrop to convey a ‘shop front’ look — ovens and other bakery equipment were built-in to show how mixing, baking and chilling equipment can be integrated in a retail environment.

A door on one side of this structure leads to a walk-in storage room where electric cables and switches, spare brochures, raw ingredients and staff’s personal items were kept out of sight and out of the way.

With storage taken care of, exhibition space  was used to full extent for equipment display and product demonstrations. 

There was even a visitors’ lounge area, where people can sit comfortably, talk to staff, or watch video presentations from two flat-panel TV screens.

Equipment on display

On display during the show were a Polin Mixer, Convection Oven, Blast Chiller/Freezer,  Cyclothermic Deck Oven,  and a Multidrop Biscuit machine, a range of Unifiller Depositors and FoodTools automatic slicing machine.

There was a demonstration of how donuts are made using a Belshaw Automatic Donut Fryer, and how they can be filled efficiently using an Edhard Depositor. While the donuts are frying, an underbench RVO Air Filtration System extracted and filtered the air, eliminating the need for an exhaust vent.

This is the second time the company won the BESA Best Stand award. In 2008, RVO Enterprises received the award for its presentation of the environmentally-friendly Polin oven range.

On both occasions, RVO Enterprises collaborated with designer Connie Iaria of Iaria Creative.


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