Asian Pastry Cup 2010 winners announced

29 April 2010

The trio of experienced pastry chefs Dean Gibson, Adriano Zumbo and Jian Yao represented Australia in the 2010 Asian Pastry Cup in Singapore held on April 20-22.

Australian Team 2010 with World Pastry Cup Founder Mr Paillasson

Adriano Zumbo, Jian Yao, and Dean Gibson (far right) with President-Founder of World Pastry Cup Gabriel Paillasson (2nd from right)

Despite a well-executed display of pastry artisan skills, the team took fifth place, only a few points away from the chance to progress to the World Pastry Cup 2011 in France. The 4 teams that made it to the World Cup were Singapore, in first place, and runners-up Taiwan, Malaysia and China.

Australia missed out on the medals but gained a lot from the experience. Team manager and coach Jian Yao agrees. “Now we can pass on the experience to the next team.”

“Overall, joining these competitions is a very good thing for our industry. Since the start, we were pretty open; the industry is aware of the team preparations. We’ve got so many pastry chefs who came during the training, there was so much interest. And at the Asian Pastry Cup, we were able to show the world what Australia can do,” Jian concluded.

Zumbo and Gibson with their completed masterpieces being presented for judging

RVO Enterprises is one of the sponsors of the Australian team. RVO Managing Director, Wilhelm Harnacke declares, “We supported this endeavour to help showcase the Australian pastry industry and its capabilities to the world.”

Held every two years, the Asian Pastry Cup has been a platform for top pastry chefs to exchange ideas, sharpen their skills and achieve new heights in pastry craftsmanship.


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